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Why we're special

Lava Elastic's entire aim is to make sure audiences get to see fantastic, unique, talented performers at their very best in a happy fun environment and that the acts and audiences go away from every Lava Elastic having had an amazing time!  It's just two years since we started but we have been achieving this so far...

How we got here

The night was put together originally in 2017 by Sarah Saeed, performer, singer and promoter alongside the turbulence of her own 'unravelling' due to a late diagnosis of Aspergers (and new awareness of her ADHD) at the age of 38.  She felt a strong urge to put together a comedy/performance night with a different atmosphere to many other nights out there on the circuit...mainly a night that is approachable and fun for all kinds of performers especially those who are 'differently wired' (neurodivergent) so they have an opportunity to gig without being put off by the (terrifying for some) prospect of hecklers and overly unkind rooms.
So...Lava Elastic is mostly not heckler friendly, and is popular with audiences and acts alike for being a really enjoyable gig (for those onstage) and an unpredictable but chilled blast of a night for audiences.
The night wouldn’t be the same without the support and willingness of Sweet Venues, Brighton also who have been Lava Elastic’s home since the start and who have supported Sarah in the vision (particularly with support from Sarah Johnson, Sweet Venues).
The night is on monthly but every now and then does a little foray elsewhere for example Autism Arts Festival earlier this year at Kent University...the aim ultimately is to make comedy and comedic performance more open and accessible to newer kinds of acts and audiences.

Sarah Saeed, creator and host of Lava Elastic

Sarah Saeed, ‘inventor’ of Lava Elastic is a performer, actress and singer who started acting and singing at the age of 9 (and dance classes from 5 years old) and who has always felt more comfortable, by her own admission, on a stage or in rehearsals than in conversations with most people...however she didn’t get a diagnosis of Aspergers until the age of 38 in 2016, so until then she didn’t really understand why this was the case...since then she has been an original member of the Stealth Aspies touring performance company and has been developing Lava Elastic as an increasingly accessible and welcoming model of comedy and entertainment so that people with social anxiety etc (not unlike her own) can have platforms to ‘do their thing’.
She’s now Brighton-based but is actually from ‘up North’ and moved to Brighton in 2008.  She has a degree in devising performance and performance analysis (BA Hons) and as well as performing loves nothing more than creating lovely environments for people to be entertained, transported and amused in!
Sarah Saeed by Emma Bailey Photography

Sarah Saeed


Sarah has also been performing as her opera singing alter-ego 'Marianna Harlotta' on and off at comedy nights (she is a mezzo soprano) alternative performance evenings and small arts festivals for several years but found the circuit difficult to navigate in many ways when she was younger.  As a long-time comedy fanatic with an encyclopaedic knowledge who grew up obsessively watching comedy, on TV and live, gradually she has focused on this, her biggest performance passion, and puts it into organising, running and hosting Lava Elastic...with some help from some good friends!
Her big loves include lights and light fittings, bags (tote bags particularly, quite the hoarder!) music of all kinds...singing it and listening to it, films, theatre, good food, Tequila (the good kind!) animals (more than many people) books and words in general and of course...comedy!
Sarah J and Sarah S by Peter Williams
Sarah is the sole 'team' of Lava Elastic itself but there would be no Lava Elastic events without long term support from Sweet Venues Brighton, particularly JD Henshaw (Venue Director) and Sarah Johnson (Assistant Venue Manager, Brighton).
Sarah (Saeed) has a long term relationship with the venues (she performed at their Brighton venue launch event as her opera singing alter-ego Marianna Harlotta nearly a decade ago) and they have been something of a creative family who have encouraged, trusted and helped nurture the direction she has been heading in with her neurodiverse events.  Sarah Johnson supports in person on the nights (front of house, venue managing, keeping Sarah S calm and focused on her trickier days etc)  Also it's crucial to mention Jesse Payne, wonderful regular tech for the nights and also Sarah S's wing-woman when she's hosting the night...with Sarah's ADHD runaway brain tendencies she sometimes needs reminding to stop talking and introduce an act...it doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen!  They've organically become something of a little band of happy collaborators...once a month to make audiences really happy...and have gained a reputation for ensuring acts on the bill have particularly enjoyable gigs.

Got your tickets?

The amazing night of neurodiverse cabaret and comedy returns for 2020! We look forward to hosting you all and sharing the best comedic performances in the South East!

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