The UK’s first neurodiverse

comedy/poetry/performance night 


Our Story

LAVA ELASTIC is the UK’s FIRST openly neurodiverse comedy/performance/poetry night, brought
to you by neurodivergent performer and host (late diagnosis of Aspergers) Sarah Saeed, aka
operatic comedy diva Marianna Harlotta.

In recent years, a theory has emerged that the human race is 'Neurodiverse' - a mix of different
neurological types.

Those that aren’t ‘Neurotypical’ (the usual) are known as 'Neurodivergent' with differences that
include Autism/Aspergers, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, Tourette's Syndrome, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia and
other types of brain that aren't 'Neurotypical'.

Neurodivergent performers often struggle to get booked and to navigate the social codes around
working with promoters. As a result, there are many talented people you simply don't get to see.
LAVA ELASTIC is here to change that.

Join us for a night celebrating humans of all kinds. LAVA ELASTIC is stretching its way across
the country - come and join us at our next event!

Meet Our Team

Sarah Saeed

Artistic Director

LAVA ELASTIC ‘inventor’ and host, Sarah Saeed, created the UK’s first openly neurodiverse comedy and performance night in response to experiencing the challenges faced by differently-abled performers.

Since the age of nine, Sarah’s felt more comfortable on stage than having “normal” conversations with people. After studying Devising Theatre Performance, Sarah developed her alter-ego, Marianna Harlotta, which enabled her to express things she otherwise struggled to. This ability to communicate best under the guise of entertaining in character made more sense when, at the age of 38, she was diagnosed with Aspergers.

Since her diagnosis in 2016, Sarah’s made it her mission to increase accessibility for neurodiverse performers in comedy and the arts. This journey began as an original member of the touring performance company Stealth Aspies and continued with the creation of LAVA ELASTIC.

Sarah’s aim is to build a model of comedy and entertainment that is welcoming to audiences and performers who are neurodiverse and/or have social anxiety (without excluding anyone ‘neurotypical’). While supporting performers and creating an inclusive environment is Sarah’s goal, her primary objective above all is to entertain and amuse!

The inspiration for the LAVA ELASTIC came from Sarah’s other passion - lights and lamps! Follow Sarah on Instagram and Twitter @barbsarah to find out the latest in all things LAVA ELASTIC and beautiful lights.

Sarah Johnson

Stage Manager

Sarah Johnson supports in person on the nights (front of house, venue managing, keeping Sarah S calm and focused on her trickier days etc) Also it's crucial to mention Jesse Payne, wonderful regular tech for the nights and also Sarah S's wing-woman when she's hosting the night...with Sarah's ADHD runaway brain tendencies she sometimes needs reminding to stop talking and introduce an doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen! They've organically become something of a little band of happy collaborators...once a month to make audiences really happy...and have gained a reputation for ensuring acts on the bill have particularly enjoyable gigs.'



LAVA ELASTIC is massively welcoming people who are ‘Neurodivergent’ (ND) but the key is in the word Neurodiverse as in…all humans!  You don’t have to be ND to gig with us (Neurotypicals welcome!)
Also the venue is wheelchair accessible so if you have other access needs you can join us too, on the stage or in the audience, just email us to ask about getting a slot, we’re always happy to hear from you!
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